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Related article: Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 12:56:05 +0200 From: Kai Lundstr��m Subject: Adventures with Lenny Part 2Disclaimer:This story contains graphic description of activity of a sexual nature involving a man and minor boys. The story is not true; the sexual acts described herein derive solely form imagination. It is not intended to promote illegal acts with / to / by minors, nor does it condone child abuse of any sort. If you object to the subject matter, stop reading. If your reading of this material violates laws in your place Tiny Lolitas of residence or where you are currently locates, stop reading. Thank you.My first language is German. So please be indulgent with my English.Thank you for your encouraging comments and suggestions via email. As I announced at the end of chapter one, chapter two was already written when I released the first so I can't use your suggestions in Tiny Lolitas here but they will be stored for other stories which may come.This story is copyright � by kaiarvidhotmail.com My Adventures with Lenny and Chris (M/B/B) Chapter two -- Lenny's first bondageThe next time I chatted with Lenny was some days later. My parcel must have arrived and I gave instruction in a letter that he should wait until we chat again before he unwrap my special gift. But after a gushing greeting he has to tell me something.`I have to tell you about yesterday. I really have to. Chris -- my best friend you know -- was here with me for some lazy time and I asked him about the bondage game you fancied. I had borrowed some smooth rope from my father's toolbox. I don't know for what he wants it to use but it was really silky and there were 3 pieces. I took all of them to my room. It was really warm yesterday and I dressed in board shorts and a sleeveless shirt with my silky boxer shorts under. After some chitchat I asked him:- Chris I bet you can't tie me up with the rope over there in such a way I can't free myself.He looked a bit stunned but then he took one piece of rope and said:- Deal. I think I can. Put your hands behind your back.We were standing and I put my hands behind my back as he asked. He did a good job tying my wrists together but he did not make it to firm. The feeling of the rope around my wrists gave me a boner instantly. There was a good length of rope left but he stepped around to get another piece. When he came around he saw the tent in my board shorts. You can't imagine how strange his look went. He almost dropped his jaw but then he braced himself and a malicious smile flashed through his face.- I see you like this. Hope you like this too.He put the second rope down and took hold of the free end of the first. He ran it through my crotch over my right shoulder once more through my crotch and over me left shoulder. Now my dick was tenting my shorts much more obvious between the two strings. He pulled it tight and knotted it with the rope around my wrists. He took the second piece of rope and fastened it around my chest. Then he made a knot about my chest and a loop around my ball sack back to my chest lifting up my balls. He ran it to my back made a knot there an then a second loop through my crotch and around my shaft pulling it down. When he pulled it tight my dick and balls where squeezed between the two loops. I almost shot my load.- Kneel down.Only this short command was spoken and he grabbed the third piece of rope. He tied my ankles together and ran the end up to my back and knotted it there to the loop that runs around my balls. So every time I move the rope squeezed my dick and balls. OUCH. He stands in front of me looking down on my displayed cock in his cage. His cock was as hard as mine right in front of my eyes tenting his shorts.- Do you like this Lenny? - Oh Chris it is ... I don't know. Every time I move I almost squirt my load. - Where is your camera? I have to take some pictures of you in these ropes! - No you can't do this. Please. - Sure I can and you will like it the moment you can watch them on your monitor. Where is it? - It's over there in the top drawer of my nightstand.He brought out my camera and took several photos from different angles. I was embarrassed but the photos are really hot. Bastian I will send them right after I told you my story. When he finished the photo shooting he put down the camera on my desk came over to me and kneeled in front of me. He touched my balls lightly and struck my shaft. I moaned.- Chris, if you touch the tip of my dick I will make a mess in my shorts.He looked down on my dick striking my shaft with his fingers and now cupping my balls with his left hand. Now he moved his hands around and grabbed my ass cheeks. His face was so near and he gave me a light kiss on my lips.- You're so hot looking Lenny. I would like do sexy things with you for a long time now but don't have the courage to make a start. But tying up your hands and seeing your boner seduced me. - Chris I also dreamed of you. Often dreamed that you will tie me up and touch me as you do now. It's overwhelming.With his left hand he took hold of the string running around my nuts in my back and pulled a bit. My dick twitched every time he pulled and a tingling went through my spine. Then he touched the tip of my dick with the tip of his index finger and pulled on the rope in that very moment. A jolt went through my body Tiny Lolitas and I let out a high pitched squeal when I came. I made a big mess in my shorts. 5 or 6 thrusts came out and my light blue shorts went dark and moist around my dick. When my afterglow subsided Chris stood up.- So can you free yourself?I tried, but every time I struggled in my bondage the string squeezed my balls. My rather worn out dick couldn't stand it. So I gave up.- No I can't. At least not right now after this exhausting peak of emotions. Besides you did a very good job with the rope loops around my dick and balls. You won. - So you have to face the price the winner gets. You have to take my load in your face. Kneel straight and don't move!He opened his shorts and pulled them down revealing his red boxer short with a dark spot of precum at the tip of his outstanding dick. He pulled down the front of his boxers locking the waistband und his balls. Now I could see his dick for the first time. It is the first dick I see in my life besides my own and my father's dick which I've seen sometimes in my early boy-years in the bathtub. It was quite as long as mine curved up and a bit to the left from my point of view. The knob of his penis was free of foreskin and shining deep red. He took hold of his cock and began to jack it off. I was very concerned about his idea to shoot his load in my face but I have to stand it. It took him only seconds to come. I closed my eyes the moment the first shot Tiny Lolitas hit my face and he covered it all over. Some cum dripped on my lips and I smacked it off automatically. It tasted not bad. A bit salty and a bit sweet -- weird but I like it. Something hit my face. I opened my eyes and saw him smearing the rest of his boy-honey on my cheeks. His eyes were closed and he moaned in the afterglow of his orgasm. A moment later he snapped his boxer shorts in place and pulled up his shorts. He went over to my night stand took out some tissues I store in the upper drawer near my camera and with them he cleaned my face without a word. Then he kneeled once more in front of me und leaning in he began to release my bonds.- Oh my dear Lenny, that was great! Thank you.he whispered in my ear. I gave him a quick kiss on his cheek as an answer. The moment Chris freed me already we heard my parent come home. I quickly changed my shorts and boxers while Chris rolled up the rope und stored it under my cushion. Then we sat down to start a game on my x-box.'Lenny sent this story in many messages so I don't have to wait so long for the next portion. This story was hot and I jerked off while reading. I didn't cut in but now I know he was ready.`Lenny was that real or did you dream it?'`No no Bastian this is for real -- trust me!'`Wow you made it. That was hot! I shot my load jerking my dick while reading your adventure.'`Oh I'm so happy I made it.'`Ok time to make you happy again -- at least a bit. Now is time for you to open my gift.'`Oh yes hold on because I hide it and have to get it.'`OK darling!'`Oh wow you send me hot underwear. A yellow brief and a red boxer brief which are made of spandex. Cool! And what is this?'`This must be the black thong which is only a pouch for your genitals and some strings to hold it in place. The pouch is made of net fabric so it is a bit seeing through and you can wear it or not it doesn't hide much.'`Cool I have to try them on.'`Yes do this -- and if you like you can take some photos and send them to me.'`How should I make photos from me by myself?'`Every camera has an autotimer. Or you ask Chris next time you meet him.'`Good idea!'`Do you have a webcam?'`No but I really want one. My parents don't want to pay for one and my godfather says that it's too expensive.'`Ok I think you are worthwhile to get one. I will get it and send it to you. But it will be a very special one. Have you a LAN at home and have you a WLAN-Router or a hub in your room?'`No WLAN but I have a hub to plug my computer and my LAN-Printer. There are some more plugs free.'`That's very good. I want you to sketch down your room like an architect would do. It has to be only a rough painting but don't forget to sketch in the door, the window and all furniture like bed, desk, night stand and shelves. Also take some photos of your room from different angles and scan you drawing or make a photo of it if you don't have a scanner. Send all to my email.'`OK I will do what you ask but I don't have a clue for what you need all of this.'`You'll see and I hope you will agree to my idea.'That's for today. It's a pity that the photos Chris took of Lenny are not adequate to post them on the internet. So this is left to your imagination.End of part oneIf you like my story or you give me some hints how it can go on feel free to mail me at kaiarvidhotmail.com.To be continued
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